Shipping Information

Upon checkout, the shipping prices are only estimates. At Step 6: Confirm Order the final shipping price will be displayed. 

Due to the nature of our products we do not ship on Friday or Saturday during the warmer months (May - October) or in some cases, when the temperature is forecast to be in excess of 100°F.  This ensures that your toffee reaches you in the best possible condition for your enjoyment.

During warmer months, we will ship orders with cold/ice packs to ensure your toffee will reach you in the best condition possible, per the heat.

In most cases, the cold/ice pack will be completely melted - this means it has done it's job and kept the toffee cold enough to reach you without compromising the quality of the toffee.

Don't forget:  Upon delivery, please put your toffee in the fridge or freezer!  Fridge is OK, freezer is best!